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A Tribute to a Vanquished Web Site: ecpclio.net

Going, Going, Gone!


This week the Maryland State Archives decided to eliminate from the airways a web site that I created as a portal for cooperative research and writing on topics relating to Maryland History. I explained the purpose of the site in the introduction which I have altered from the present to the past tense in light of its demise:

http://www.ecpclio.net was a multifaceted research and image depository site within the Archives of Maryland On Line. It encompassed research inquiries relating to the whole range of archival resources, public and private, available at the Maryland State Archives and elsewhere, including land records, maps, plats, rare manuscripts, and photographs...

Over the course of its nearly 20 year existence the web site spawned 276 research series that were intended to be available online for contributions by serious researchers, and linked where appropriate to the Guide to Government Records. At core was the research that went into a book about mapping Maryland, but it included several courses on the historical importance of preserving court records, which proved to be a major source for the study of African American History. The series were eclectic depositories of documents and notes. They encompassed a pioneering effort at managing a very large collection of privately owned survey records that in time would become the property of the Archives, and an approach to online editing and transcription that to date has no comparable peer. It also included an approach to salvaging a severely damaged collection of family papers that proved to be the best and most inexpensive way of preserving and accessing its contents. To be fair, the contents of the e-pubs created for transcribing and editing the collection are still available from the guide to the collection in Special Collections on line along with a number of others.

The series were managed by a simple password access system and online uploading environment that was cost effective and efficient, but more important was the fact that the documents in the series could be accessed, added to, and annotated remotely. As a service to those who might be interested in the topics covered a list of the series titles is provided here:

Series 1: Historical Maps - General Mapping of Maryland

Series 2: Coale, Joseph M. III, Map Collection

Series 3: Josh Civin request for maps of Baltimore City

Series 4: Historical Maps of Allegany County

Series 5: Historical Maps of Anne Arundel County

Series 6: Historical Maps of Baltimore County

Series 7: Historical Maps of Baltimore City

Series 8: Historical Maps of Calvert County

Series 9: Historical Maps of Caroline County

Series 10: Historical Maps of Carroll County

Series 11: Historical Maps of Cecil County

Series 12: Historical Maps of Charles County

Series 13: Historical Maps of Dorchester County

Series 14: Historical Maps of Frederick County

Series 15: Historical Maps of Garrett County

Series 16: Historical Maps of Harford County

Series 17: Historical Maps of Howard County

Series 18: Historical Maps of Kent County

Series 19: Historical Maps of Montgomery County

Series 20: Historical Maps of Prince George's County

Series 21: Historical Maps of Queen Anne's County

Series 22: Historical Maps of Somerset County

Series 23: Historical Maps of St. Mary's County

Series 24: Historical Maps of Talbot County

Series 25: Historical Maps of Washington County

Series 26: Historical Maps of Wicomico County

Series 27: Historical Maps of Worcester County

Series 28: Comptroller's Office: Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary,

MSA SC 5368-- Chronology

Series 29: Comptroller's Office: Public History Web Site

Series 30: What Is History? Supplementary Materials

Series 31: Searching for Ancestors Who Were Slaves

Series 32: Newspapers; sample reels

Series 33: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 1: The Colonial Period (1634-1765)

Series 34: Miscellaneous Research Topics

Series 35: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 2: The Revolutionary Period (1765-1820)

Series 36: Traditional Indexes to Plats

Series 37: MARYLAND INDEXES (Freedom Records)

Series 38: Privately owned images of Maryland related objects and artwork

Series 39: Comptroller's Office Web Site: Administrative Files

Series 40: Reference works

Series 41: Building Baltimore: bibliography, cases and notes for review, Part I

Series 42: Views of the Maryland State House

Series 43: Mandel Papers-Press Conference and Misc. audio tapes

Series 44: Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous

Series 45: Slavery Commission: Secondary Sources and Documents

Series 46: Aaron Burr and his family

Series 47: Documents Relating to the Underground Railroad

Series 48: State House: A Chronological Overview, 1769-

Series 49: Bibliography -- Mapping of Maryland (County)

Series 50: Bibliography -- Mapping of Maryland (State)

Series 51: Bibliography -- Mapping of Maryland (Regional)

Series 52: Brigadier General Warner I. Sumpter Collection

Relating to the History of the Maryland Army National Guard

Series 53: Administrative Files and Notes: UGRR Project

Series 54: Staff Research Journals

Series 55: Olmsted Drawings from the

Friends of Maryland's Olmsted Parks and Landscapes

Series 56: Coleman Directories

Series 57: SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Maryland Battle Flag Collection) MSA SC 1560

Series 58: Miscellaneous Imaging

Series 59: Anne Arundel County Court - Cases for Review

Series 60: Handouts for Lectures

Series 61: Attorney General's Office Research

Series 62: Court of Appeals: Records and Briefs

Series 63: Charting the Chesapeake

Series 64: Peabody and Annapolis Collections,

Maryland Commission on Artistic Property

Series 65: Admissions to the Bar in Maryland:

Court of Appeals, County and City Courts, Federal Courts

Series 66: Race and the Law: Student Papers

Series 67: Redistricting and Reapportionment, 1634-

Series 68: Wharton Trial

Series 69: Browning Biographical Research

Series 70: "Judge Lynch's Court":

Mob Justice in Maryland During the Age of Jim Crow, 1860s-1930s

Series 71: Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland, Illustrations

Series 72: Origins of the Lieutenant Governor's Office and Christopher C. Cox:

Research Notes

Series 73: Hampton Slaves and Related Research

Series 74: Federal Court Records

Series 75: Department of Assessment and Taxation: Origins and Records

Series 76: Board of Law Examiners Records

Series 77: Warrant 96 Research

Series 78: Temporary Series for Creating Static HTMLs from ECPCLIO

Series 79: Bill of Rights and Ratification Research

Series 80: Rededication of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Series 81: Preserving Municipal History

Series 82: Maryland Placenames - Where is Watkin's Point?

Series 83: Papenfuse, UGRR related research files

Series 84: Slave Owners, Research File

Series 85: House Bill 1385 Research for Judge Wilner


Series 87: Baltimore City harbor research

Series 88: Issues along the Potomac River

Series 89: Constitutional amendments, 1776-1867

Series 90: Piper Rudnick PIA request re: Mettiki Coal, LLC

Series 91: Gibson/Papenfuse: Assignments for Race & the Law in Maryland

Series 92: MHT Historic Places Registration Forms

Series 93: Baltimore City Directories

Series 94: Fugitive Slave Laws, Slave Catchers, and Slave Traders

Series 95: Maryland Newspapers

Series 96: Deal Island

Series 97: Baltimore City Archives

Series 98: Lois Green Carr St. Mary's Career Files

Series 99: Founding of Maryland/MPT Project

Series 100: Terry, David Taft Research Notes

Series 101: Booker, Jamal Research Notes

Series 102: Echols Dana Sutton Research Notes

Series 103: Mugford Sarah Research Notes

Series 104: Hafner, Jennifer Research Notes

Series 105: Habeas Corpus: Merryman Case

Series 106: Habeas Corpus: Primary Sources

Series 107: Habeas Corpus: Secondary Sources

Series 108: Interactive Mapping

Series 109: Brig Enterprise

Series 110: General Assembly - Grand Inquest Powers

Series 111: Government House Foundation Speech notes

Series 112: AOMOL Research Topics

Series 113: Government Publications

Series 114: Library Electronic Publications

Series 115: State Symbols

Series 116: The Road to and from Brown v. BOE

Series 117: Attorney General, Maryland. Records.

Series 118: Baltimore Fire, February 1904

Series 119: Slot Machines, Lotteries, and Gaming in Maryland

Series 120: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Series 121: Leading Cases

Series 122: Martenet Quality Control

Series 123: Marshall, Thurgood: Early Career

Series 124: Art Inventory, Baltimore City Court

Series 125: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 4: Storm Clouds and Conflict (1851-1868)

Series 126: ECP Miscellaneous Administrative Files

Series 127: Maryland State Papers, calendars and indexes

Series 128: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 3: The Ascent of Democracy and Its Judicial Consequences (1820-1851)

Series 129: Governor's Photographs

Series 130: Yellow Ribbon

Series 131: Miscellaneous Research Projects

Series 132: Fugitive Court Records

Series 133: Printing and Printers in Colonial Maryland

Series 134: Art Inventory Baltimore City Courthouses (public demo)

Series 135: James Schneider Collection, MSA SC 5598

Series 136: Bell Cases

Series 137: Joseph N. Ulman cases and personal papers

Series 138: Recordings of MSA Meetings

Series 139: Nuttle Collection

Series 140: Dorchester County Appraisal/mdlandrec.net/plats.net

Series 141: History of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore City/Baltimore Bar

Series 142: History of court reporters/stenographers/phonographic recorders

Series 143: Cases involving the Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, 1900-1950

Series 144: Misc. Baltimore City Cases

Series 145: Legacy of Slavery Staff Presentations

Series 146: Legacy of Slavery Staff Research Projects

Series 147: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 5: Industrialism, Depression, and War (1867-1945)

Series 148: Judicial Institute of Maryland-Maryland Legal History Series,

Part 6: A More Equitable Society? Maryland Legal History (1945-present)

Series 149: Declaration of Rights: research re: (Series 149)

Series 150: Ground Rents

Series 151: Prostitution and Bawdy Houses - "Sin and Sex in the City"

Series 152: Race and the Law: African-American Attorneys

Series 153: Marquardt vs. Papenfuse

Series 154: Black Schools in Baltimore

Series 155: Washington's Farewell Address

Series 156: Conventions in Baltimore

Series 157: Somerset County History including Princess Anne

Series 158: Representation in Maryland

Series 159: Special Sessions of the Maryland General Assembly

Series 160: Women in Law - Bibliography/Secondary Sources

Series 161: Basilica of the Assumption

Series 162: Constitutional Evolution of Elected Offices and Maryland Government

Series 163: Eminent Domain-Maryland

Series 164: Constitutional Issues

Series 165: Owen Lourie Research Notes

Series 166: Constitutional Conventions-records assessment

Series 167: Equal Rights/Suffrage

Series 168: Webster, John White-Trial

Series 169: Transer imaging

Series 170: History of Inaugurals

Series 171: Judge Alan M. Wilner

Series 172: Colonial Trade

Series 173: This Day in Maryland History

Series 174: Government Publications Authorities

Series 175: State House - Misc. research requests

Series 176: The Fight to End Jim Crow Laws and Discrimination in Maryland

Series 177: Court of Special Appeals cases

Series 178: Prison Records

Series 179: Lincoln Assassination Plot

Series 180: National Governors Association research

Series 181: Education in Maryland

Series 182: Kepone Task Force

Series 183: Queen Anne's County Estates/Court Cases

Series 184: Estate of John Eager Howard - Ground Rent Research

Series 185: Love Point/Queen Anne's County land research

Series 186: Taxable status of state and municipal bonds

Series 187: Annapolis charter research

Series 188: George Washington letters

Series 189: State of the State address and Executive Messages to the General Assembly

Series 190: Laurence Hall Fowler

Series 191: Annapolis Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

Series 192: Government Efficiency

Series 193: Lincoln's Walk: Archival resources

Series 194: Special Elections in Maryland

Series 195: Lee/Horsey Family

Series 196: Clarke, Joseph: Architect of the Dome of the Maryland State House

Series 197: State House Research - Summer 2008

Series 198: Poplar Grove Research - Summer 2008

Series 199: Rothwell, Jeremy - Poplar Grove, S1762-0176

Series 200: Schelberg, James - Poplar Grove, S1762-0178

Series 201: Wood, Olivia - Poplar Grove, S1762-0179

Series 202: Kowaleski, Albin - Poplar Grove, S1762-0180

Series 203: O'Friel, Laura - State House, S1762-0181

Series 204: Dyjack, Ashley - IT, S1762-0182

Series 205: Baig, Adam - State House, S1762-0183

Series 206: Kurth, Leif - State House, S1762-0184

Series 207: Chidambaram, Alemelu - IT, S1762-0187

Series 208: Rivera, Dorothy - State House, S1762-0189

Series 209: Court of Appeals Cases, Summer/Fall 2008

Series 210: Guide to the History of Slavery in Maryland

Series 211: Nat Turner - Newspaper Coverage

Series 212: Fells Point Recreation Pier Project (Series 212)

Series 213: Guide to Records: Series units on line

Series 214: Segregation Ordinances

Series 215: ECP Secondary Sources

Series 216: Warehouse Management (Series 216)

Series 217: Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Series 218: Register of Wills, Appraisal

Series 219: Baltimore Chapter of NAACP/Law School Spring 2009

Series 220: Annapolis, Congress, and Federal relations, 1774-1865 (Series 220)

Series 221: Thomas Holliday Hicks Exhibit

Series 222: Maryland State Song

Series 223: Wiretapping

Series 224: TESTING ONLY

Series 225: Substitute Motions in the Maryland General Assembly

Series 226: Navassa Island

Series 227: Jerningham Drury Court Cases

Series 228: Mount Auburn Cemetery

Series 229: George Swearingen

Series 230: Baltimore Environmental Cases, Fall 2009

Series 231: Hoffman Paper Mills

Series 232: Mental Health Records Appraisal

Series 233: Samuel Hanson, 1716-1794

Series 234: Ship Building in Baltimore, 1820s

Series 235: Student files: transfer series

Series 236: Land Patents and Islands

Series 237: Race & the Law, Spring 2010

Series 238: Peale Museum/Baltimore City Life Museum Reports and Finding Aids

Series 239: Gibson, Larry Bio

Series 240: Mitchell: Baltimore City Government Course

Series 241: Baltimore City Circuit Court, Civil and Equity Cases

Series 242: Material relating to Macedon, New York

Series 243: Treaty of Ghent Research

Series 244: Morgan: Permanent Sit-In Exhibit, Robert M. Bell Center

Series 245: Maryland Legislative Black Caucus - Member biographies and photographs

Series 246: Maryland Legislative Black Caucus - sources

Series 247: Building Baltimore: 2010

Series 248: Maryland Judicial Institute/Judge Clayton Greene

Series 249: War of 1812 Appraisal Work (Series 249)

Series 250: BCA drop box

Series 251: James Mark Baldwin

Series 252: Black Soldiers. Sailors, and Runaways, 1745-1864

Series 253: Race and the Law, 2011

Series 254: Land Office: Certificates of Reservation

Series 255: Mark Twain's visit to Annapolis, 1907

Series 256: Governors' Funerals

Series 257: Law Class, Fall 2011

Series 258: Audio Tapes: Jody Morrison interviews-msa_sc5954

Series 259: Warrant 100

Series 260: Legacy of Slavery Exhibit Files

Series 261: War of 1812 Exhibit

Series 262: Trade Missions

Series 263: Free Blacks/Slaves and the Law in Maryland, 1776-1831

Series 264: Race and the Law, Spring 2012

Series 265: Copyrighted Images

Series 266: Work Plans: E-Publications and Research (266)

Series 267: Brookeville 1814

Series 268: Maryland's War of 1812 Claims

Series 269: Early 19th century reported appellate cases

Series 270: Law Class, Fall 2012

Series 271: Defending Baltimore, 1812-1815

Series 272: Race and the Law: 2013

Series 273: USCT soldiers from Maryland's Eastern Shore

Series 274: Office of the Public Defender Appellate Division

Series 275: Admiralty Law and Baltimore Related Prize Cases, series 275

Series 276: Maryland 400 and the Maryland Line

Yesterday ecpclio.net disappeared from the web, some of it to be transferred like the lost ark into an inaccessible data archive from which it is likely never to emerge. The remainder, including a simple system of access, has been either wiped clean or hidden behind such high barriers of electronic security that its value is severely compromised, if not lost altogether.

Goodbye ecpclio.net at least for now. As I have copies of most of my own contributions to the website and as I own the domain name, I may revive portions of it at http://ecpclio.net if there proves to be any interest. If there is any interest in any of the topics addressed above, feel free to write me at edpapenfuse@gmail.com and I will see what I can do to resuscitate the series on my personal server or through sharing out through Google Drive.

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